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This article may contain strong violence and/or suggestive dialogue. It is strongly suggested for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.


Eddy: Finally, After twenty years, IT'S DONE, MUHAHA!

Airdate: June 23rd 2004
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(Zooms in to food court)

Joe: Woah, thats F*cking epic! (Censored on tv and DVD)

Moe: What, I'm eating a pizza, DON'T INTURRUPT ME!

Joe: Its a... 

(Zooms into Joe's eyes)



(Goes back to Time machine)

Eddy: What are you Good-For-Nothing Dumb*sses looking at! (Uncensored on TV and DVD, Censored for the Wiki)

Joe: The time machine!

Eddy: Go to Hell!

Joe: No, I'm going to go get drunk!

Moe: I've been sober for five days, I'M COMING!

(Card saying one day later)

Joe: I'm so hung-over! (Throws up)

Moe: I'm still so God damn sober, should've br

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