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Al The Alien is an upcoming nicktoon. Based on Doug.scheer's Al The Alien Comics


  • Al - The main character of the seires. He is green and wears a Red Shirt with a stripe.
  • L-8 - Al's Best friend/Roommate that is a robot.
  • Jim - A blue alien who has 3 eyes. one above his mouth, one under his mouth, and one on his hair.
  • Don - A orange slug-like alien who's head is upside down.
  • Lily - The shyest girl in Al's class. She is pink and has yellow hair.
  • Mr. Nokflenwad - Al's annoyed teacher.
  • Zombo - A zombie teddy bear who Al & L-8 took home from a graveyard.
  • General Mike - Al's gym teacher.
  • Wheelie - A blue robot who only has a wheel for a leg.
  • Ted - A orange/black robot who has a triangular head and a eyepatch.

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