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Adventurous Kid is a Canadian children's show created by NermalTheBunny with co. creator (TBA).


Stein Family

  • Chris Stein is a 11-year old boy with brown hair and blue eyes, he wears yellow t-shirt, blue shortalls, brown shoes and white socks. He was a elementry school student.
  • Mr. Stein is Chris's father.
  • Mrs. Stein is Chris's mother.
  • Percy is Chris's brown pup.

Anderson Family

  • Kevin Anderson is a Chris's friend who wears a green t-shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and brown shoes. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is an 11-year old boy.
  • Mr. Anderson is Kevin's father.
  • Mrs. Anderson is Kevin's mother.

Brooks Family

  • Sophie Brooks is a 11-year old girl with long yellow hair and blue eyes, she wears a blue aboyne dress, white crew socks and brown shoes. She was Chris's girlfriend.
  • Ms. Brooks is Sophie's mother.
  • Neko is Sophie's cat.

Parker Family

  • Dan Parker is Chris's friend.
  • Mr. Parker is Dan's father.


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  • Canada: YTV, Nickelodeon
  • Quebec: VRAK.TV
  • United States: Cartoon Network
  • United Kingdom: CITV
  • Ireland: RTÉ Two
  • Latin America: Cartoon Network
  • France: Canal J, Canal +, Gulli
  • Germany: Super RTL
  • Spain: Disney Channel
  • Italy: Italia 1
  • Portugal: Disney Channel
  • Poland: ZigZap
  • The Netherlands: Disney Channel
  • Russia: CTC, Cartoon Network
  • Southeastern Europe: Cartoon Network
  • Australia: ABC3, Cartoon Network
  • New Zealand: Cartoon Network
  • Japan: TV Asahi
  • Southeast Asia: Cartoon Network


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