Ace Wonder is the true antagonist of the Nick Fanon: Highest Evil series, who first appeared in Nick Fanon: Highest Evil 4, where he is killed.

Ace Wonder also has a guitar that can transform into a bird. Ace Wonder also forces John to reveal his secret, that he becomes Oblivion in the future.

In Nickelodeon Fanon: Highest Evil 4

Ace Wonder first appears in World 1 in a secret cave, where he is shown with his sword, who then kills you, making you restart the level. Ace Wonder then appears again in World 2, introducing himself properly, handshaking every party member you gained, and giving you powerups, and rarely, might even join your party. Ace Wonder can also be heard laughing to himself and laughing if you get hurt if he joins your party. Ace Wonder also steals food. It is also known that Ace Wonder is the one who is responsible for the disappearance of one random party member except himself and John. In World 3, when your party member returns, with a black eye, Ace Wonder can be heard laughing. John then shoots a rifle offscreen, where an injured Acebot is shown. Ace Wonder then appears, saying you injured his Acebot. Worlds 4 and 5 do not feature him at all. In World 6, Ace Wonder is seen in a painting. In World 7, Ace Wonder is also seen in the same painting, but destroyed. In World 8, a sword is heard, as a man falls down from a tree, who is carrying a sword. This man will ask to join your party as he is a fan of your team. The man is later revealed to be an Acebot at the end of World 8. At World 9, Ace Wonder's backstory is revealed. He always loved to play darts, and later, he shot a dart at two people, and went insane. At World 10, he kills Ishkanawn and nearly kills John, who is then forced to reveal his secret, that he becomes Oblivion. John is forced to flee. Ace Wonder is then fought, and he accidently throws his sword after fighting for five minutes, as a cutscene occurs where you then kick Ace Wonder on the floor, as his sword lands on his chest, and he dies.


  • Ace Wonder shares a name from a movie.
  • Ace Wonder's guitar bird is a toy model of Soundwave's Transformers Animated bird.

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