Airdate: February 4th 2016
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Jake Brown Knowed that Abraham Lincoln Got Alive


[Episode Starts at the Swimpool]

Jake:Vincent this is cool

Vincent:Like that but i must tell u Something

Jake:[Gets out the Pool with Vincent] What?

Vincent:My dad is Abraham Lincoln, he is alive

Jake:What? Really? Huh? How? ah Never Mind

Vincent:Lets go to him [Runs with Jake to The Lincoln Cabin] [Lincolns Cabin]

Jake:Ur Right!

Abraham Lincoln in Voice:Need any help? [Walks to the Cam]

Jake:Eek! you're Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln:Thats Right and i come To Join Bull Squad this show as Major Role of the Show Jake:Wait! my dad said something in the Previous Episode about adventure!

Abraham Lincoln:Wait is this the Second Episode?

Jake and Vincent:Yeah!

Jake:Hmmm ok bye! [Runs] [Neighborhood where he lives]

Lucy:Hey Jake!

Jake:Hey Lucy i must tell u something someone is alive called Abffewak Lucy:Who is Abffewak

Jake:Sorry i did it wrong..., oh never mind

Abraham Lincoln:Uhhh Jake

Jake:AHHHH HE KNOWS MY NAME!!! [Runs Away]

Jake:[Running Away and Clashes on Nanny McFee

Nanny McFee:Please look out

Jake:[scares] Nanny McFee?

Nanny McFee:Ok do u have argue with ur brothers and sisters

Jake:No sorry Nanny McFee

Nanny McFee:Ok bye


Vincent:[Walks with Abraham Lincoln To Nanny McFee] You're Nanny McFee!

Nanny McFee:That is me!

[At The Park]

Jake:Im Tired lets just take some Rest 

Abraham Lincoln:Just listen Jake


Abraham Lincoln:Can u stop screaming and running away from me?

Jake:Okay what do u need?

Abraham Lincoln:Listen im not dead but im dead in real life this is a cartoon

Vincent:He's right

Jake:Okay then, Abraham Lincoln,Vincent we can save the world 

Abraham Lincoln:But this is an Live Action show!

Jake:Live Action and Adventure

Jake and Abraham Lincoln and Vincent Jumping in the air

Screen Fades in with Credits



Jake Brown

Vincent Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln


Nanny McPhee


  • This is the first major role of Abraham Lincoln
  • Nanny McPhee is from a Movie


Major Jake Brown Abraham Lincoln Lucy West Vincent Lincoln Minor Nanny McFee


  • This is Abraham Lincoln's First Apperance

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