"A Planet in Need"
Syndicate episode
Episode № Season 1
Episode 7
Air Date May 30, 2013
Written By Bagel
Directed By Bagel
Running Time 22 min.
← Previous Wronged Identity
Next → The Robots

A Planet in Need is the seventh episode of season one of Syndicate. It aired on KM TV on May 30, 2013. In this episode, Bagel decides to visit his home planet, Kreon, only to find that RACK has been terrorizing citizens and destroying various things.



Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Kayem-san John
IAmBagel Bagel
KingOfSpriters12 Web
JellyfishJam38 Saint
Milton James Nozus
Sr.Wario Wario
Nolan North Collector
Jerry Trainor RACK  
Character debut
Speaking debut

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