A Pilot, A Hero, And an LT Fan, is the pilot episode of the television series,Welcome to Nicktropolis.


(Theme Music plays)
Open Your Heart by Crush 40 (2009 Mix - The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs)04:52

Open Your Heart by Crush 40 (2009 Mix - The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs)

Theme Music

(Title Card)

A bus is shown stopping.

Ian: Dude,I can't believe your on a lame sight called Nickelodeon Fanon!

Joe Wari: It's not lame! I actually have NICE friends there.

Ian: Whatever. When you realize how lame your becoming,come over to my house. We've got pizza and Modern Battle 3!

Joe Wari: Cool.

Joe gets off the bus,and walks inside his house.

Mrs. Wari: Hello,dear! Have any homework?

Joe Wari: Nope. Can I go on Nick Fanon?!

Mrs. Wari: Honey,i'm a little worried. I think you may be....obsessed.


Mrs. Wari:Oh,fine!

Joe Wari: Yes!

Joe goes upstairs to his room.

IAmBagel: What's up,Joe?

Joe Wari: Hey,Bagel! Wanna work on a new episode of Nicky.

IAmBagel: Sure. But,my sister may wake up soon,so maybe not.

Joe Wari: Cool!

Invader Rob: Hey Wario.

Jow Wari: Hey Rob!

Joe turns on his speakers.

????: Mango,are you sure?

Mango: I don't know?

????: I have a bad feeling that....LT Fan might return!

Mango: What?!

Joe Wari: Huh? Hello,Y-Guy i'm....Joe Wari.

Y-Guy: Oh! A...are you like....a dude from Earth.

Joe Wari: Okay,maybe i'm going crazy!

LT Fan: ALL HAIL DORA!!! Grrrr...those stupid heroes are trying to mess up everything.

Dr. Boom: Welcome to my world!

Joe feels something hit him.

Gum: OW! Mango!!

Joe Wari: What in the...

Suddenly,Professor Carrotstein appears.

RACK: Derp.

Carrotstein: Don't just sit there! GET HIM!!

All of the villans kidnap Joe Wari.

Joe Wari: This better be a dreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm.....


Y-Guy: Joe? Joe? Can you hear me?

Joe Wari: Y-Guy?

Joe looks around,he's in Carrotstein's lair.

RACK: Derp! The prisonisonerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is gonna escape!

????: Ty-Kwan-Dee!!

A little boy karate chops RACK!

Nicky: Dat was fun!

Joe Wari: Am I in Nicktropolis?

Invader Rob: AHH!!! He's hideous!

Y-Guy: Nope. Just a human. Joe,your in the outskirts of Nicktropolis. We need your help.

Joe Wari: It's an honor,but I have to get home!

MattBoo: LOL. Dude,you can't get home,unless we defeat the villans,and steal Carrotstein's Dimensionator. I would get used to living here.

Joe Wari: Please tell me this is just some dream.

Gray: Nope.

Bob: Nope.

All of the heroes: Nope.

Y-Guy: Dude,we have to escape,NOW!!

LT Fan: Not on my watch!!

LT Fan throws TVs with Dora on at the heroes.

Nicky: Da pain!!!

RACK: What's dis button doo.

RACK presses a button,and all of the heroes are transported away.

Professor Carrotstein: You idiot!!! We almost destroyed them!!!!

Meanwhile,Y-Guy and the heroes show Joe around.

Joe Wari: This place is AMAZING!!!

Gray: Yep. Welcome to Nicktropolis.

The sunset appears,and it goes to commercial.

Y-Guy: Okay. You'll be sleeping in....

Everyone: NOT ME!!!

Joe Wari: I don't snore!

Y-Guy: Fine. You can sleep on a plastic matress in my room.

Joe Wari: Cool.

Meanwhile,at the villans lair.


Dr. Boom: Why are you evily laughing? WE L-O-S-T.

LT Fan: Rip-Off is right.

Carrotstien: Don't be blue though,because I have a great plan. Rack,bring it out.

RACK: Derp.

RACK pulls out a giant machine.

Carrotstein: I present,Bad-Zilla!!

LT Fan: AMAZING!!! First,we destroy the city,and then,THE HEROES!!!!!!!!!

RACK: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The next day....

Y-Guy: JOE,WAKE UP!!!!!!!!


Mango: I can sling shot at him!


Mango: Wut?

Mango throws himself at Joe.

Joe Wari: OW!!! Morning,Mango and Y-Guy.

Y-Guy: SNOW DAY!!!

Mango and Joe: Wut?

Y-Guy: Yeah,no school.

The 3 go to the couch and look at the news.

Newsman: Breaking news! School has been cancelled due to the rampage of the evil robot dragon,Bad-Zilla!

Jelly: Peanut butta jelly ti....AHHHH!!!

Joe Wari: Justice League of Nicktropolis Assemble!!

All of the heroes get together.

Nicky: Ty-Kwan-Dee!!!!

Nicky karate chops the monster,but it only gets angrier.


Y-Guy charges at the machine,but just gets KO'd.

Brandon: Gulp. This is bad.


Jelly throws his Skyrim disc at Bad-Zilla,who eats it.

Joe Wari: This isn't gonna work. I wish I could just delete it.

A giant box lands on Bad-Zilla's head,and it says Request for Deletion.

Joe Wari: Delete! Delete! Delete! Ugh,I need more power!


The machine disappears,and the villans fall down on their faces.

LT Fan: Ow.

Dr. Boom: Ow.

Professor Carrotstein: Ow.

Y-Guy: To jail with your sorry butts!

Joe Wari: Good job,guys!

Nicky: DE

Gray: END!!! THE END!!!

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