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Written by KaRRotBuddy4
IHeartSpongeBob (editor)
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A New Day is the third episode of the spin-off, Pearlorette, and the third episode of season one. The previous episdoe was A Poisoned Pearl, and the next will be Broken Hearts and Broken Bones.


Brad has found someone new and isn't sure if he should start a new relationship. Meanwhile, Nicki and Jennifer face differences they end up hurting each other and come face to face with Dr. Fillet, a phsycologist. Pearl and SpongeBob might be going on a vacation. Never know what could happen.


  • [scene starts at Money Bags Inc. where Jennifer has just finished her shift and is heading home leaving Nicki to do all of the work]
  • Jennifer: Well, I'm out. [starts walking toward the elevator]
  • Nicki: [yells] Where are you going?!
  • Jennifer: Leaving, I can't stay here. [pressing the elevator button]
  • Nicki: You know what boss said.
  • Jennifer: [looks back at Nicki and sighs] What was that?
  • Nicki: Boss said that if you dont't get your slack together then he is going to down grade you to [yells] F-I-R-E...
  • Jennifer: Listen hear, Mrs. Precise, I don't need you tell me how to run my job. [yells] Unless you do it or me?
  • Nicki: [yells] Fine, walk out that door...and you can try to come back, but you won't make it through this door
  • Jennifer: [walks out]
  • [3 minutes later]
  • Jennifer: [runs back in through door and shouts for help] Help! Help!
  • Nicki: Stop playing around, Jennifer, and tell me what's wrong.
  • Jennifer: [breathing hard] Well, you know my convertible...the one you wish you had but don't?
  • Nicki: [sighs]
  • Jennifer: Well, I've seemed to lock the keys in the car.
  • Nicki: Umm...well, did you have the top up?
  • Jennifer: No...on a hot day like today, I left it down like it is right now...[sarcasticly] I'm not stupid.
  • Nicki: [sighs] I hate to break it to you, but then if the top is down...then you should go out there [yells] and be able to DRIVE AWAY!!!
  • Jennifer: [sighs] You must have not been listening, because I just said [yells] I have locked the KEYS in the car!
  • Nicki: [yells] Okay, you need help, so I'm going to call a phsycologist and get you an appointment.
  • Jennifer: Okay, and while you do that I'm going to call someone to come get my keys out of MY CAR!!!
  • [scene cuts to Brad]
  • Brad: I am so sorry for behaving that way.
  • Elizabeth: It's okay...let's just put all that behind us and enjoy this fine dinner.
  • Brad: Look, I really like this...the only actually highlight of my day [looks down and grins]
  • Elizabeth: Tell me.
  • Brad: Okay...well, my ex-girlfriend and I had been dating for more than 1 and a half weeks but then I found out she was cheating on me and things went crazy, and I thought that love was over for me but then I met...
  • Elizabeth: [reaches over table and grabs Brads hand] I get it, [looks at watch] oh, I have to go...I have a cat and he likes getting into stuff when I'm not there.
  • Brad: Well before you go, [looks down] look, I really like you and I hope we can do this again soon.
  • Elizabeth: [grins] You know what, that sounds like fun...okay, yes, I would love to.
  • Brad: Bye. [watches Elizabeth walk out]
  • Elizabeth: Bye.
  • Brad: [closes door and leans back smiling]
  • [scene cuts to Jennifer at phsycologist Dr. Fillet]
  • Dr. Fillet: Hi Jennifer. Okay, now what seems to be the problem?
  • Jennifer: Um...well, see I was hoping you could tell me, I don't know why I'm here.
  • Dr. Fillet: Well it seems your freind Nicki...[gets interupted]
  • Jennifer: Not my friend, we work at the same job...but I don't even know if I classify her even as a co-worker.
  • Dr. Fillet: Well, she called and told me that you locked your keys in your convertible...[sighs] with the top down.
  • Jennifer: I know, right, with this weather outside and what it could do to my hair? [sighs]
  • Dr. Fillet: May I speak? [angry]
  • Jennifer: Well, of course. You are the [holds fingers up for air quotes] "Doctor".
  • Dr. Fillet: Okay, as I was saying, you do know that with the top down on a convertible you can easily pull the keys out
  • Jennifer: No, I don't knowww...that
  • Dr. Fillet: Well you obvisouly didn't try...because if you're telling me you couldn't get the keys out then you are crazy.
  • Jennifer: Well, if I'm crazy then you go get them out for me...[yells] could you at least do that?
  • Dr. Fillet: [holds hands up] I'm done...I can't do this, you need help obviously that is above my level..and I have my own freaking show for fishsakes.
  • Jennifer: You know, I really don't see why you are mad.
  • Dr. Fillet: [yells] OUT!!!
  • Jennifer: [walks out and walks back in] Got someone who can help me get my keys out?
  • Dr. Fillet: [yells again] OUT!!!
  • [scene cuts to Pearl and SpongeBob]
  • Pearl: [walks over to SpongeBob] So, whatcha doing?
  • SpongeBob: Trying to find different jobs.
  • Pearl: [angry] Why would you want allows us to be togther at home and at work
  • 'SpongeBob'I know and who would want to miss that, but the pressure is getting to me.
  • Pearl: Also, while I have your attention, you know we've been going out for 3 weeks and I was hoping we could finally go on a trip.
  • 'SpongeBob'[surpsised] Like where...?
  • Pearl: Like Bass Vegas, or take a cruise somewhere, you know, just to get out and see how we might be able to turn this relationship into something else
  • 'SpongeBob'[agrees] Okay, that would be great..yes...yes let's do that.
  • Pearl: Alright, hey, I got a call from Nicki today saying that Jennifer locked her keys in her convertible, but with the top down.
  • 'SpongeBob'[jaw drops] The top was down?!
  • Pearl: Amazing right, she really needs to get right in the head before she looses her job.
  • 'SpongeBob'Maybe one bad event should happen to her.
  • Pearl: [angry] Why would you say that? She's my sister!
  • 'SpongeBob'Pearl, there's nothing to get mad over
  • Pearl: If you can't even support me on helping my sister how can I ever think about going on a trip with you...just so you could come back and tell everyone all about it!
  • 'SpongeBob'I need to go out,and maybe when i get back both of us will be relaxed and can actually turn this whole thing into something fun...[looks down and grins]
  • Pearl: [grins] You're asking for sex, aren't you?
  • 'SpongeBob'[grins] Yeah...but in a cute way.
  • [scene cuts back to Brad]
  • Brad: [picks up phone and calls Elizabeth]
  • Elizabeth: Hello?
  • Brad: It's me, I'm just calling to see when you wanted to set that new date.
  • Elizabeth: I don't know...whenever is fine.
  • Brad: Great, because I really want to do're are all I'm thinking about.
  • [end of episode]

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