A Game of Pointless Adventures is a video game for the Wii U, XBox 360, PS3, and PSVita. It is the first A Collection of Pointless Adventures video game.

A Game of Pointless Adventures
Developer(s) THQ
Publisher(s) THQ
Release date March 18, 2017
Genre Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Story, Co-Op, Battle, Party
Rating(s) T (ESRB)

12 (PEGI)

Platform(s) Wii, XBox 360, PS3, PSVita
Media Disc


The Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. is announcing a contest to see who can get to their factory first. And when the gang sign up for the contest, things go awry, and LT Fan and his minions try to steal all of the Mike's Hard Lemonade, however, the heroes beat the villains. The heroes then get many types of alcohol made in thier honor.


The gameplay is similar to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Players play as the gang, and explore, defeat enemies, and beat bosses. The game is simple, and linear. Players can play with up to 5 characters in co-op. There is also Party Mode, which is an all out brawl with items and stuff.

Playable Characters

Bagel (Weapon: Chainsaw)

Web (Weapon: Rainbow Blade)

Wario (Weapon: Golden Frying Pan)

David (Weapon: Swearing Microphone)

Rob (Weapon: Irken Lazer Gun)

Pac: (Weapon: Pancake Gun) (Unlockable)

LT Fan: (Weapon: Dora Mask) (Party Mode only)


Mike's Hard Lemonade: Heals all health.

Safe: Gives player 100 dollars.

Beer Pancakes: Adds attack points.

Fire Flower: A powerup stolen from the Mario series

Rock Potion: Adds defense points.

Wheer: Heals all heath and attack points.

Extra Guy: A 1-Up. It's a clone of you, making it literally an extra guy.

X-ray Glasses: To see through walls


Bagel's Vault (HUD)

The Town (Levels: 5)

Pac-man 64's Big House of Pancakes and MLP Puppets (Levels: 3)

Nick Fanon Cruise Ship (Levels: 3)

Safari (Levels: 4)

The Arctic (Levels: 6)

Toxic Waste Factory (Levels: 5)

Wario Bank (Levels: 2)

The Land of 8-Bits (Levels: 3)

Derpyland (Levels: 4)

Booze Sea (Levels: 1)

Mike's Factory (Levels: 4)


Friendly Mars (The Town)

Weegee (Pac-man 64's Big House of Pancakes and MLP Puppets)

Captain Pin (Nick Fanon Cruise Ship)

Metal Mario (Safari)

Penguinsaurous (The Arctic)

Toxic Jim (Toxic Waste Factory)

Duplighost Gang(Wario Bank)

8-Bit LT Fan (The Land of 8-Bits)

Klown King (Derpyland)

Boozetopus(Booze Sea)

Mecha LT Fan(Mike's Factory)(Final Boss)


Random SIR Copies




Waddle Dees




Toxic Blobs


At some malls throughout the game, you can purchase outfits for the characters.

Web's Costumes

"Team AppleDash" T-Shirt-20$

Brandon's Clothes-40$

Megaman X Costume-75$

Captain Falcon Costume-75$

Bagel's Costumes

"Team ShadAmy" Hat-10$

Hagel's Hat-Hat-$20

Y-Guy Costume-90$

King Jerk Costume-100$

Wario's Costumes

"PONIES SUCK" T-Shirt-15$

Nicky Clothes-30$

Luigi Costume-50$

Mario Costume-75$

Rob's Costumes

"I Am Epic" T-Shirt-20$

Gray Costume-40$

Mighty Army Irken Rob-60$

Tallest Rob-80$

David's Costumes

AVGN Jacket-20$

Homestar's Clothes-45$

Kitty Costume-80$

Troll King Costume-150$

Pac-man 64's Costumes

Green Pac-man-20$

Mario Hat-32$

Ghost costom-78$

Gold Pac-160$

Beta Elements

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