Airdate: January 12th, 2020
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
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A Change of Years is the 7th episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, the crocodiles have a new years party and invite Genocor and Xcer to be guests for the show. Then, Xcer relised it was just a trick when Count Desertstone bit him and Genocor, killing them. Meanwhile, Skirri finds Kork and makes him a slave for Count. It is a double length episode.


-Ice falls down and Count is on a stage-

Count: There once was a man... from Mantuckett...

Kork: -sweeps floor- That was selfish and never gave his slave money...

Count: /).- TWOTAILS!!!

Twotails: I'm on it. Sir, can I have your broom?

Kork: Sure. Why not =_=

Twotails: -takes broom and beats Kork with it-

Kork: OW! OW!!!!

-snow falls and stage dissapears-

Count: Why, certainly, your royal reptile...

Skirri: I can't belive I'm playing the Royal Reptile... I wanted to be the cyclops!

Twotails: Well, I went to see the Crocs Odyessy once... well, I was in it. I was table #2.

-Flashback begins-

Twotails (in a table costume with fish on top): Menu!

Random Crocodile: Why, Royal Reptile, this is a great time!

Random Crocodile: Yes, Dragocroc.

Random Crocodile: HI-YA!!!

Twotails: Oh no... here comes the bad part...

Random Crocodile: -chops costume in half and Twotails comes out injured- BOO YA!!!

-Flashback ends-

Twotails: At least your not table #2.

Skirri: Yeah... Germey is playing table #2.

Count: Remember the trick?

Twotails: Yeah.

Derek: -breaks front door and runs to Count- The show starts in 1 minute!

Time Card: A lot of running like crazy athletes later...

Xcer: Well, Genocor needed a question...

Genocor: Count, do you really eat flesh?

Count: -smiles evily- Why, of course... -bites Genocor on the ear-

Genocor: I HATE Y- -dies-


Count: I bit him :D

Twotails: It's time for the play!

Time card: To the play...

Narrator 1: It is now time for a story that glows...

Narratator 2:-pushes other narrator- That everybody really knows...

Narrator 1 Crocodile: -pushes other narrarator- And it takes place in the land of Loon...

Narrarator 2: Stop that! It clearly takes place in the land of CROCORA!

Narrator 1: Well, we had a teacher that had the power of an ax, but had a brain that attacks...

Narrator 2: We read, maybe one or two books in the middle?

Narrator 1: All the rest where left out like the fiddle...

Narrator 2: So that's why we're all here.

Narrator 1: To make this story pretty clear. It all started in the land of Loon...

Narrator 2: CROCORA!

Narrator 1: When the Royal Reptile's mate has been gone for 20 whole years...

Narrator 2: When he had hardly eaten a deer...

-curtains open-

Royal Reptile (Skirri): She has been gone for 20 years now!

-lazer goes through stage-

Skirri: -runs to Count- WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!!!

Dinky: -slowly moves down in Cookie-Stroller: Well, well, well... who do we have here?

Skirri: Skirri... -groans-

Count: Hey, your the owner of the infamous Dinky's House of Cookies!

Dinky: Yeah... but it became infamous when YOU made your Granny-Award winning talk show! You copied me! Yeah, yeah, COPIED! It's now time for YEAR OF THE CROCODILE TO BEGIN!

-Count and the other crocodiles start dancing-

Dinky: FINE! Year of DINKY!

-Count and the other crocodiles stop dancing-

Skirri: It's not my fault your show is infamous. Plus why are you riding in a clown thing?!

Dinky: It's a Cookie-Stroller.

Count: Well your time is up! And I killed Xcer and Genocor.

Dinky: Oh, them? They where ugly. Skilla is the way to go!

-A crocodile with six heads and six tails breaks in-

Twotails: HEY! Nobody has multiple tails but ME! -roars-

Dinky: Here is the history of my show...

Time Card: A lot of boring social studies later...

-Count, Skirri, Twotails, and Derek are sleeping-

Dinky: And that's how it all started!

Count: -wakes up and snaps at Derek- DEREK!!! Why did you tape this!?!

Derek: -is holding video camera- Oops, I forgot to end the vid. -presses "esc" button-

Twotails: -slaps Derek with both tails- DUDE! We have a video of us sleeping and Dinky's stupid cookies!

Dinky: -is eating a chochlate chip cookie- Cr-r-r-unchy! -finishes cookie- Well, I need to start the show. SEE YOU LATER, FOOLS! -flies off-

Count: Well that was strange...

Skirri: I've seen Dinky's House of Cookies. It's terrible! Wait... I heard there's this guy named Kork!

Kork: That's me! I felt like bein' "slave"

Time Card: The next day.|

Twotails: KORK! Clean this!

Kork: -claws TV- I messed up big time...

-episode ends-


  • The Granny Awards are a parody of the Emmy Awards.

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