334545TV is a channel full Comedies

334545TV started in the Feburary of 2004, airing Mars Colony, the original 334545TV Action Series, and aired Futurama and the original Home Movies series. In June, they aired Two Time Travelling Idiots.

In 2005, they started airing Eddsworld and The Simpsons, Home Movies now only does re-runs, like Futurama did.

In 2006, Family Guy started airing on 334545TV

In 2007, we are heroes started airing

In 2008, Global and 334545TV cancelled Two Time Travelling Idiots

In 2009, Two Time Travelling Idiots was moved to Teletoon Detour


HFTime: 14+ (Canada) PG-M (Australia)

Two Time Travelling Idiots: 14+ (Canada) PG-M (Australia)

Mars Colony: 14+ (Canada) M (Australia)

We are Heroes: 14+ (Canada) M (Australia)

Futurama: PG (Most Episodes) 14+ ("In a Gadda de Leela", "Proposition Infinity", "The Bots and the Bees") (Canada) PG (Australia)

Home Movies 2014 Version: 14+ (Canada) PG-M (Australia)

Family Guy: 14+ (Canada) M-MA (Australia)

The Simpsons: PG (Canada) PG-M (Australia)

Eddsworld: PG-14+ (Canada) PG-M (Australia)

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