Monday, March 10th, 2014

Time Show Episode Rating
12:00 AM Aqua Teen Total Recarl TV-14LV
12:15 AM 12 oz Mouse Booger Haze TV-14LV
1:00 AM Deep Space 69

Jay of Sorrow


1:15 AM Surge Nex and Evo Shearing TV-PGLV

1:30 AM

Home Movies Wizards Baker TV-14 
2:00 AM Home Movies Everyone's Entitled to My Own Opinion


2:30 AM Bob's Burgers Burgerboss TV-14D
3:00 AM Futurama President's heads TV-14D
3:30 AM DDIS Trapped in Hell TV-14LV
4:00 AM South Park

It hits the Fan

4:30 AM South Park Good Times with weapons TV-14 LSV
5:00 AM South Park South Park is Gay TV-MA
5:30 AM Aqua Teen  Super Spore TV-14L 
5:45 AM 12 oz Mouse Corn Dog Chronicles TV-PGLV
6:00 AM Home Movies Shore Leave TV-14DL
6:30 AM Home Movies Coffins and Cradles TV-14 DLS
7:00 AM Rick & Morty M. Night Shaym-Aliens TV-14DL
7:30 AM Futurama The Late Phillip J. Fry


8:00 AM Two Time Travelling Idiots Echo, the Eco-Friendly B*stard TV-14LV
8:30 AM Aqua Teen  Cloning TV-PG DLV
8:45 AM 12 oz Mouse  Auraphull TV-14DL
9:00 AM Aqua Teen Video Ouija TV-14LV
9:15 AM Surge Nex and Evo Show The Playdate/Evo's Anatomy TV-14
9:45 AM (Movie) Anchorman 2 (2013) TV-14D
12:15 PM Surge Nex and Evo Show Last Day Of School TV-PGDV
12:30 PM CircleCity Fax TV-PGV
1:00 PM Futurama Head in The Polls TV-14D
1:30 PM The Simpsons Homer VS The 18th Amendment TV-14D
2:00 PM Surge Nex and Evo Show You've Been Cloned TV-14 DLV

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